The power of one’s mindset is the most powerful energy force in the universe with the exception of LOVE.  One’s mindset will be the determining factor in how one experiences difficult times in life, processes them and reflects upon their relevance. So, just decide to love yourself deeply and unconditionally and be forgiving and gentle with yourself. You are doing the best job you can.

I recently heard that it has been calculated that the probability of a human life coming to fruition in its exact form (all of the circumstances that have gone before to led to someone’s creation) is 400 billion to 1! So, do not take a day for granted and enjoy every day as best as you can and love yourself.

The long term view is to be kept close at hand in all circumstances. If we are certain and resolute that in the long term our soul will be unharmed and we will be safe and loved eternally, then this has a huge impact upon our willingness to live with abandon in the earthly world. When we realise our magnificent each of us, then we can more readily love ourselves deeply and love others deeply. We can live more freely in the world and live with abandon when we deeply love ourselves.

Living with abandon does not mean that one has to become a hippy and simply do fun things and not engage in a responsible way in the world. Not at all. Living with abandon means that one is not attached to the experiences one has and does not personalise issues and does not overly complicate and analyse issues but rather lives deeply in the moment of an experience whilst feeling the present moment very deeply.

Our love and connection for our friends will be as expansive as our love for ourselves is. We may feel that we can love others more than our selves and at times we feel that we do because we may be feeling that we are not as worthy as others but at any one time our love is limited by the love we have for ourselves at that particular time. We can only radiate outwards to others what we are able to identify with and locate within ourselves. This is the key to unconditional love for others. It is essential that we are able to have unconditional love for ourselves. Sometimes it may safer to express love in our actions and words outwardly to others more than we give to ourselves as it can be confronting to engage in acts of genuine love for ourselves, but in holding back on our love for ourselves we are limiting the love we can share with others.