In the summer of 2010, I was on maternity leave with our second child, Estelle, and I was having a massage. In this massage, I had a full on experience in which crystal clear images were revealed to me in what felt to be related to my future. The vision is of a beautiful building with a large circular room in the centre of the building. There are rooms attached to this central room. The place is a place where people could come to feed their souls and reconnect with source and light up their spirits. The central space is used for yoga and meditation classes and spiritual talks and the connecting rooms are used by various health practitioners for sessions such as reiki, kinesiology, Chinese medicine, naturopathy etc. There is an organic cafe and a co-working space and a library. There are community classes being run in the evenings. This place is called “the Soul Centre”.

My big vision is to create this space and bring my vision into reality. Through this space, I will be able to work with me to help connect them with source and remember how magnificent they are and to help them identify the life purpose they set for themselves before they came into the human world, so that they can take steps towards living out their life purpose.