The Marriage Hub

I am the founder of the Marriage Hub. I am not a marriage counsellor. I am a lawyer, mediator and conflict resolution coach. I am on a mission to reconnect couples that have lost their way, in a practical and forward facing approach.

People invest in their health, their properties and their lifestyles but rarely invest in one of the most important relationships in their lives, their marriage.  The cost of divorce is significant, both financially and emotionally, and can have a far ranging detrimental impact, which can continue for years and years to come. I am not against divorce if this is the last resort. However, I have seen couples who have seriously thought there wasn’t a way forward, but they have been able to work through issues and learn skills to make it through to create a positive and thriving marriage.

I help couples, through practical conflict resolution and communication techniques, to empower them to navigate the ups and downs of life together in a healthy way.

Conflict can be healthy a normal part of marriage. My role, as a marriage mentor, is to help guide your relationship back to a place of connection and healthy communication through the use of practical conflict resolution and communication techniques.

My 17 years of experience in conflict resolution and employment law has enabled me to design a unique process that not only empowers you with the tools to navigate the ups and downs of marriage, but also to create a positive, loving and thriving relationship.

Individual and joint session are available. Usually we’ll need:

2 hour individual sessions

2-4 hours with both of you together for the joint session

2 hours for a follow up session with you both (after approx 1-3 months)

$160/hour + gst

*Additional sessions can be added as needed

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