• I am a life and people lover. I love connecting with people.
    • Mum of 4
    • Married to a beautiful Englishman
    • Lawyer – 17 + years
    • Founder of The Marriage Hub
      • I help couples with their communication and provide them with a “marriage tune up” to thrive in their marriage.
      • Click here to learn more https://www.themarriagehub.com.au
    • Social/Network marketer with Arbonne International
    • Director at Dumais Workplace Services
      • I help organisations with workplace conflict by conducting mediations and assist with conflict resolution
      • Click here to learn more http://www.dumaisws.com.au
    • Workplace mediator
    • Workplace conflict consultant
    • Qi Gong Master
    • Women’s Soul Circle host
    • Vipassana meditator
    • Spirit Guide Channeler/Medium – Click here to learn more https://www.facebook.com/groups/459483864468924/?ref=bookmarks
    • Captain of my soul
    • Other interests that I have studied along the way – Silva Mind Control method, Kinesiology, Reiki and Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) and the Circle Way


To help others to thrive in life and remember their magnificence, where they are from and that before they came to earth they gave themselves a purpose and to remind them that it is our role in our human life to identify our purpose and then live our purpose.